|Site Info has merged with Galaxies! To bring you the best and more games and a Galaxy of Minecraft adventures!!! One small step for Minecrafters, one giant leap for!! Come join us on this amazing server!!!!

When we started, we did so as a way to be able to play minecraft with all our friends from Runescape.
We started a very small hamachi server which turned into a larger hosted server for about 20 people, with Albatac's help.
Then it grew into a larger one for about 60 or so. Anyways, after a year of hard work, we have arrived where we are today.
Its been an awesome and rewarding journey.  One of the best experiences we've ever had.  Achieving with a small team, what
other bigger servers achieve with teams of people.  Proud of the best staff in minecraft!

Now its time to turn a page.  We will be merging with Galaxiesmc.  This
is a server which will give us the opportunities to grow and achieve even more.  We will be joining  SkythekidRS, Huskymudkidz,
& Soulofw0lf in making Galaxiesmc the best server imaginable!  Just because we no longer have our small server doesnt
mean you cant come join us and play Xrun, Flappy Chicken and so many more new games!   All new exciting things to try, such
as Guilds - new unique survival mode.  Prisons will be coming soon!  

Don't worry we are not gone!  We are now part of an amazing Network -!                        

-Patti, Rem, Chris and staff of

Permanent ranks will be transferred over to a comparable rank!

The IP will be transferred over to Galaxies when you use, but please add  in case that transfer stops.

XRUN WILL BE TRANSFERRED OVER IN A FEW DAYS!!!!! Dont panic! We plan to expand it and enhance it even more!

Our new ip:

[Member] chugernut8 Congratulations of making the big change of the server! I'm really happy for you guys make the right choices and grow as ...
[Member] marables543 i'm gonna miss
[Member] xcrazyherox I will miss, but i am very happy for galaxies . hopefully i can do a mod application on galaxies C: ...
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